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Abortion Clinic Call Dr. Jolle +27730064652. Welcome to Women Abortion Clinic, our specialty is safe medical abortion procedures. This process is done through medically approved abortion pills to terminate the pregnancy. It is imperative that this is done within a safe period, which is 20 weeks. We have the option for surgical procedures contact Dr. Jolle for more information Safe Abortion Clinic

Understanding that terminating a pregnancy is not an easy decision, that is why we provide you with free counseling.  While you may be sure that you are pregnant. we also need to make sure that you are pregnant and determine the duration. of Abortion Clinic

Above all the abortion pills that we use are medically approved. And once we determine how far along you are and be satisfied that you are eligible for the medical abortion.  The qualified doctor will give you one pill, and they will explain to you how it needs to be taken.

After a few hours after having taken the first pill, you will be given another set of abortions pill. Once again, they will explain to you how it should be taken, and help you in doing so.

Afterward (in a few hours), you may start to experience cramping as well as bleeding. This may be associated with pain, but our doctor and staff are well capable of assisting you in minimizing the pain. S

Surgical termination requires the clinic and doctors to get the surgical suction of fetus done. Surgical termination also requires the instruments so that the fetus is being evicted from the body. Medical termination is easy to perform and also do not require anyone’s assessment. This process can be easily performed if your gestation period is not more than 8 weeks.

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We know and we respect what you go through. With these hard and difficult situations, we are here to help and counsel you not only with teenage pregnancy solutions but with all the knowledge about the risk that comes along including Sexually Transmitted Diseases.


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